Zamrony P. Juhara

Software developer

About Me

Hi, my name Zamrony and I am software developer. I have experience making many type of applications, from desktop applications, Android mobile applications to web applications.

I think of myself as someone who is self-determined and adaptable. I have the ability to take on a fast-paced role thanks to my quick learning skills. I was given task to learn AngularJS, framework which I practically had no experience at all. In just few weeks, I can keep up with team. I am resourceful.

I am also versatile and friendly and helpful to my colleagues. I like to help fellow developers in many public forums such as answering this question in Stackoverflow or this question. I am open-minded person. I listen to others as I believe I may be able to learn something from them.

I started programming computer as hobbyist. On my leisure time, I create and maintain several personal software projects. Some projects are open-source project such as Fano Framework which is a web framework written in Free Pascal.

I wrote two books on Android and game programming topics, Panduan Lengkap Pemrograman Android and Pemrograman Game 3D dengan DirectX. I published Android applications on Google Play to fulfill my curiosity on how to deploy and publish Android application.

Key Skills:

  • Programming
  • Code debugging
  • Web development projects
  • Front end web development
  • Mobile app development

Work Experience


Front End Developer

March 2022 - March 2023
  • I was part of Tap team which is responsible for developing and maintaining Tap application, Brankas’s customer-facing Golang + Vue.js application to onboard customer onto Brankas Open Finance services easily.
  • I refactored Tap application from Golang-based template into Vue.js template with Nuxt.js
  • Developed and maintain Vue.js web UI component to meet specific requirements with particular layouts.
  • Produced web UI compatible with multiple browsers and devices.
  • Collaborated with UX/UI designers to convert UI design to Vue.js component.
  • Collaborated with QA to fix any reported bugs.
  • Employed coding practices based on commonly accepted standards to establish site layout and user interface.
  • Collaborated with Customer Support to answer any customer’s technical inquiry regarding Tap application.
  • Debugging Tap-related issues including checking production logs.

Dominopos Pte Ltd

Front End Developer

April 2016 - February 2022
  • Developed application to meet specific requirements with particular layouts.
  • Produced websites compatible with multiple browsers and devices.
  • Collaborated with in-house web designers to create sleek and innovative UI design.
  • Collaborated with QA to fix any reported bugs.
  • Developed landing pages, dashboards and online applications using jQuery, AngularJS, vue.js and PHP scripting.
  • Completed full redesigns of existing websites to improve navigation, enhance visuals and strengthen search engine rankings.
  • Employed coding practices based on commonly accepted standards to establish site layout and user interface.
  • Converting mockups into usable web presence with HTML, JavaScript, AJAX and JSON data from backend API.

PT Gatra Mega Berjangka

Web Developer

Dec 2005 - April 2016

  • Developed company internal web applications to meet specific requirements with particular layouts.
  • Developed landing pages, dashboards and online applications using jQuery and PHP scripting.
  • Generated web hosting presence to accommodate specified needs, uploading and maintaining files on account.
  • Worked with content creator to update web presence with current foreign exchange trading data.


Delphi Programmer

Dec 2002 - Sep 2005

  • Developed and maintained PuzzleCreator a puzzle game authoring programs using Delphi programming language.
  • Debugged problems caused by hardware, operating systems software, application programs.

Personal Projects

Fano Framework

A Pascal web framework

This is a web framework written in Pascal programming language. Initially, I started this project as a proof of concept for Pascal web framework that has capability to map request to a class instance that responsible for generating response.

Since then, it has grown with many modern web framework features added such as middleware support, input validation, session management, etc.

Fano Framework Documentation

Documentation for Fano Framework

This is documentation for Fano Framework. I believe documentation is essential part of software library if you want other developer to use it.

As Fano Framework grows in features, a single documentation is no longer suffice. I started to realize I needed a separate project to maintain documentation for Fano Framework.

This is command line tool for scaffolding Fano Framework web application. Fano Framework uses interfaces and class composition heavily. Fano Framework prefers configuration over convention. It requires a lot of boilerplate code to start web application project.

Fano CLI is created to alleviate problem by automating project creation, creating controller, view, middleware etc.

An Apache module with capability to execute Pascal program. This is inspired by mod_php or mod_python. This is proof of concept and not ready for production setup.

My Books

Android programming book that explains various topics from getting started, creating basic layout view, store data in shared preferences and database operation with SQLite to more advanced topics such as working with 3D graphics with OpenGL ES, custom view, working with Bluetooth etc.

DirectX programming book that discusses from getting started with DirectX components, working with 3D graphics with Direct3D such as rendering 3D primitives. Reading game input device such keyboard, mouse, gamepad and joystick using DirectInput. Audio programming to play multiple sound effects and game music with DirectSound. Also discuss network programming with DirectPlay. Book also discusses terrain rendering and fog and shader programming.

Images below shows what kind of 3D graphics demo applications built. Color Plate Buku Pemrograman Game 3D dengan DirectX


Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya

Bachelor of Engineering